Barcelona Regional Selection Conference of The European Youth Parliament España 2024

15. March 2024 -17. March 2024 12:00 - 12:00
City of Barcelona

Divided into committees according to the topics to be addressed, the different participants must identify the issues surrounding the proposed theme, which presents a scenario of current politics with a question directed at European institutions on how to address the matter. At the end of the event, some participants are selected for the next phase, the National Session, to continue their path within the organization and active political participation.

Furthermore, throughout this process, like in the entire session, participants are guided at all times by voluntary individuals from the organization with extensive experience and knowledge of European institutions, who serve as a fundamental support for the participants. Volunteers come from the organization, which is non-profit and apolitical, framing the EYPE (European Youth Parliament), present in 40 countries across Europe, making this event a much more positive experience with a clear international character.

Moreover, the organization of the EYP is based on non-formal, didactic, and active education with the primary goal of conveying the message and values of Europe to the thousands of participants who annually take part in our events.

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