Cities Fortifying Democracy Forum

17. June 2024 -18. June 2024 12:00 - 12:00
City of Barcelona

In a year filled with elections, the long-term challenges to democracy feel like they are advancing at an accelerated pace. The diversity and solidarity that characterize cities can be harnessed not just to defend against authoritarianism, but to shape a better democracy for the future. Cities need to step up their efforts to stem the erosion of democracy and stand up to the opportunist forces pushing illiberal agendas. GMF Cities will gather a select group of participants with a curated agenda for city leaders and experts to exchange and learn from each other on a set of topics where cities are well-positioned to further and fortify democracy for future generations. This will include an exploration of democracy’s increasing fracture points and the potential for cities to advance a more equitable, multi-cultural and prosperous future.

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