IV Cycle of debates in the key of education: education in the face of post-truth in the digital age

07. March 2024 -11. April 2024 12:00 - 12:00
City of Barcelona

In a context of technological changes and artificial intelligence, the IV Cycle of debates in the key of education: education in the face of post-truth in the digital age is organized in Barcelona with the aim of reflecting on the role of education in the face of digital post-truth. This will bring up issues such as the skills needed to discern information, the role of humanities in the face of AI risks, and the necessary governance.

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  • Session on 07/03/24: The irrelevance of truth

In this session, we will explore the concept of post-truth, which involves giving credibility to beliefs without foundation in objective facts, and how this phenomenon constructs false narratives to influence public opinion. We will discuss antidotes against post-truth, including the ability for critical analysis and the capacity to formulate new questions in a society with mass access to information.

The guest is Pedro Olalla, a writer, Hellenist, professor, translator, and filmmaker based in Athens, recognized for his contribution to Greek culture.

The session will be moderated by Milagros Pérez, a journalist and director of the Barcelona Metròpolis magazine, awarded with several prizes in the field of journalism and collaborator in various media and third-sector entities.

  • Session on 21/03/24: A humanistic response to the challenges of Artificial Intelligence

In this session, the relationship between humanities and artificial intelligence (AI) will be debated, exploring whether humanities hinder the development of AI or if, on the contrary, AI can benefit from the humanistic approach. Issues such as whether AI represents a threat to the humanities and why AI needs to integrate humanities will be discussed. The extent to which AI can be considered intelligent and what machines cannot learn will also be analyzed.

The speaker is Joan Manuel del Pozo, Ph.D. in Philosophy and emeritus professor at the University of Girona, with extensive experience in the field of education and politics.

The session will be conducted by Marta Comas, a social educator and anthropologist, specialized in the sociology of education with extensive experience in research and evaluation in the field of education.

  • Session on 11/04/24: Education for Democracy and Artificial Intelligence

In this session, the aim is to reflect on and debate the impact of artificial intelligence on society, highlighting the growing concern for the ethical, social, and democratic risks of a deployment that seems out of control. It will be questioned whether we are facing such a disruptive technology that it will be impossible to control and what role education can play in this context.

The guest is Mark Coeckelbergh, professor of Media and Technology Philosophy, with extensive experience in AI ethics and philosophy of technology.

The session will be conducted by Laura Aznar, a journalist and sociologist, member of the coordination team of the media outlet El CRÍTIC, with extensive experience in journalism and communication, especially in areas such as opinion and digital media.


– Organized by: Municipal Education Council of Barcelona, Vocational Training Council of Barcelona, and the Rosa Sensat Teachers Association.

– In collaboration with: Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) and the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia.

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